Nethercote,  Pell, Gudgeon, Wayth

Family Histories

Stephen Nethercote - 2011

Nethercote - Pell

In December 2011 I published  my family history on my Nethercote and Pell relatives.  This was a broad based work and included the families of the cousins as well.  

It is "Nethercote" and "Pell" because my Great Great Grandfather dropped the "Pell" from his name and from then on was known as "John Nethercote".  If he hadn't changed his name we would all be Pells.

The history starts in the 1500s and continues through to the 1950s.  The emphasis is on those relatives who emigrated from England and went to Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada.  Focus on the emigrants is for several reasons 1) they tend to be more interesting, 2) we know more about them and finally 3) I have over 5000 people in my Pell family tree and concentrating on the emigrants limits the scope to a manageable size.

There are more than 160 pictures (some colour) and some maps and charts.

This edition has been superseded by the 2nd edition

2nd Edition: Nethercote-Pell - 2016

Since going to print more information and photographs have come in. 

         Several other branches of the family have asked to be included and have provided their story and photographs.

         A few of the elderly relatives have passed on and then added to this work.

         The British Newspapers have come on-line and provided some useful insights. 

         Also, I have been working on adding in the in-laws and in particular the Wright, Owen, Smith, Dickie, Neilson, Langdale, Dickinson and Vistarini families.

In all I have added about 190 pages, many of which are about the in-laws. 

There are about 290 photos, many in colour

2nd Edition Contents: 


I don't take money for this book.  I have a "donations" policy.  To receive a copy you must first make a donation in your own name to a charity of your own choice.

You need to contact me before ordering a copy to check whether copies are available.

Gudgeon - Wayth

Having gotten the Nethercote-Pell family history out of the out of the way, at least temporarily, I started writing up the GUDGEON branch of my family.  As with the Nethercotes and Pells, the research started in 1999 and has continued over the years.  The Gudgeon book has Robert GUDGEON (1791-1880) of Winchester as its pivotal person.  I have his ancestors (WAYTH & SLAPP families) and his descendants in England, France America, New Zealand and Australia and I am including the in-laws (when I know anything about them).

There are a lot of photographs, maps and charts.

Currently there are about 300 pages and more to come.  This is a work in progress and page numbers will change.




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